2nd Generation
New avatars are at home!
From time to time, the avatar sets will be changed by new generations that will bring new designs and possibly new mechanics that we will introduce over time.
Hashkings is becoming a very complex metaverse full of information that if you manage to master you will be rewarded very well! Hopefully, you have been able to acquire some of the first avatars as they will never be for sale again nor will they be minted again, plus they contain higher stats than the new generations.
About the 2nd generation
In honor of our upcoming game U.R.F.A, the new avatars are 100% inspired by a robot assistant style which we must also say, our illustrator has done a phenomenal job on the Hashkings art!
We first introduce a new mechanic, called efficiency. It is a stat that all avatars in Hashkings have and that has an effect on the amount of XP the avatar can absorb from smoking a joint.
Affects both main XP and rarity bonuses

2nd Generation Avatars info:

  • Efficiency: 98%
  • Supply: the number of packs will be fixed at the number of packs bought by the players, same happened with the 1st generation avatars, players decide the supply.
  • Price: We will keep the same price ($2 per pack) and discounts deals as the last set, also you will still be able to earn the referral rewards based on the level of your set avatar (up to 35%)
  • Launching date: We will release an announcement on our official discord regarding it.


  • Common range:
POWER: = 9.5 - 14.25
  • Rare range:
POWER = 14.25 - 21.85
  • Epic range:
POWER = 42.75 - 68.4
  • Legendary range:
POWER = 142.5 - 213.75 USAGE = 2
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