Crafting Assistants

This expansion includes 3 new kinds of NFTs, with their different use cases and rarities:
In order to craft a new assistant, you will need 3 fragments and a factory.
As you can guess, the frame is the body of the robot but it is useless without its respective work tool and the core that will provide it with energy.
Each fragment comes in 4 rarities, and you will need 3 shards of the same rarity to craft a robot. So if you get a piece that you don't need, you can trade it with another player.

¿How To Get Fragments?

Hashkings introduces a new distribution system for our NFTs, and the fragments are the first with these. There will be a drop every 2 days, the number of NFTs dropped as well as the price are determined by the players.
On day 1, players will be able to deposit their BUDS in order to decide the ratio for the day 2.
This will work as simple as the biggest bid will be used as a reference for the next day, all the other bids will be returned to their original owners but the biggest will be automatically deposited and will set the ratio in which the players will be able to get fragments the next day.
For example, let's say PLAYER A deposited 10k BUDS on day 1 and no one else deposited more than him, so all the other lower deposits will go back to the players and the next pool will appear in which will take the ratio of the day 1 (10k BUDS) to distribute the fragments to the players.
on day 2, you will be able to get fragments at 10k BUDS per drop, so if you want to receive 9 fragments you will need to burn 90k BUDS.
This cycle will be repetead each 2 days.
Each kind of fragment has the same chance of drop (33%)
In addition, the probability of getting the rarities are the following:
  • Common 56%
  • Rare 33%
  • epic 9%
  • Legendary 2%