Boss battles

Raids include a new game mode based on battling bosses along with other players using powerful avatars with different stats.
Now the avatars have been upgraded with new stats called:
in this case we will see an example of how a raid works:
Once you have your new avatar in your collection, even if is level 1 it will be ready for the battle and can start farming rewards for you.
Understanding how the rewards are distributed:
After a raid is finished, you could be rewarded BUDS, NFTs (avatars, seeds), featured prizes like HIVE , tokens from partners, etc. We will be looking actively for partnerships for our raids.
The main prize are BUDS, they come from the treasury and are distributed taking into consideration the final power. This means if you have 50 FP and another player also has 50 FP, you both will get 50% of the BUDS rewards.
The other rewards will be distributed in either way, randomly and based on the ranking. For example, NFTs like seeds will be distributed randomly between all the participants.
There is a total of 5 raids each day with different bosses and different requirements/rewards.
Raid 1
Level range: Level 1 — Level 25
Only avatars on this range can participate in this raid.
Base rewards: 0.05% of the treasury will fill the rewards daily
Bonus: Once the base rewards are calculated, this multiplier increases it by a certain number of times represented by “X”
2X — 69%
5X — 30%
10X — 1%
> For example if 0.05% of the treasury is 200k BUDS, a 5X multiplier will get 1M BUDS as a reward for this raid. In the image above you can an example of a RAID already with a 5X multiplier.
Raid 2
Level range: Level 26 — Level 50
Base rewards: 0.06%
2X — 55%
5X — 43%
10X — 2%
Raid 3
Level range: Level 51 — Level 75
Base rewards: 0.07%
2x — 40%
5x — 57%
10x — 3%
Raid 4
Level range: Level 76 – Level 100
Base rewards: 0.08%
2x — 25%
5x — 70%
10x — 5%
Raid 5
Level range: Level +100
Base rewards: 0.10%
2x — 20%
5x — 70%
10x — 10%
The avatars have a new stat called USAGE, which means the number of times it can be used in raids until it needs to rest. Basically, this works in this way:
  • When an avatar joins a raid, his usage gets -1 and you will recover your avatar after the daily server reset (drop time) along with your rewards.
  • If an avatar is not being used it will receive +1 of usage (drop time)
Eventually, we will add an option to get an instant +1 usage in our crafting store (so it will be either burned or added to the treasury)