Boss battles

Introducing Raids: A New Game Mode for Battling Bosses and Winning Rewards!

HK-Raids is an exciting new game mode in which players battle bosses along with other players using powerful avatars with different stats.

Each avatar has two main stats: power and final power (FP). Once you have an avatar in your collection, even if it's level 1, it's ready for battle and can start farming rewards for you.

The most important stat here is the POWER which you can increase using the forge

Understanding How Rewards Are Distributed:

After a raid is finished, you can be rewarded with BUDS, NFTs (avatars, seeds), featured prizes like HIVE, and tokens from partners, among others. The main prize is BUDS, which come from the treasury and are distributed taking into consideration the final power. This means if you have 50 FP and another player also has 50 FP, you both will get 50% of the BUDS rewards.

The other rewards will be distributed randomly or based on ranking. For example, NFTs like seeds will be distributed randomly among all participants.

The Raiding Experience:

There are a total of 5 raids each day with different bosses and different requirements/rewards.:

  • The first boss pays out 0.35% of the buds available in the HK-Raids account daily

  • the second boss pays out 0.90%

  • the third boss pays out 1.25%

  • the fourth boss pays out 2%

  • and the fifth boss pays out 3%

for a total of 7.5% daily!

To participate in raids, you need to have an avatar with a minimum XP level, which varies according to the boss. You can check out the power level required for each raid in the Raid Menu.

Once you have the required power level, simply click on the "Join Raid" button and you're in!

Remember, the rewards are distributed based on the final power of your avatar, so be sure to level up your avatar to increase your final power and maximize your rewards.

So, what are you waiting for? Gather your avatars, join a raid, and battle your way to the top of the leaderboard!

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