This is the ultimate tool for showing love and appreciation to fellow Hive authors, and it's now easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

You can use the command "!KING" or "!QUEEN" to send a symbolic gift to an author and show them your support. To use the command, you need to meet the XP requirements for the number of uses you want per day:

  • 1 use per day: 5000 XP

  • 2 uses per day: 10000 XP

  • 3 uses per day: 15000 XP

  • 4 uses per day: 20000 XP

  • 5 uses per day: 25000 XP

  • 6 uses per day: 30000 XP

  • 7 uses per day: 35000 XP

  • 8 uses per day: 40000 XP

  • 9 uses per day: 45000 XP

  • 10 uses per day: 50000 XP

But wait, there's more! For BUDS stakers, we've added 5 more daily uses based on the following tiers:

  • 1 use per day - 25000 BUDS

  • 2 uses per day - 50000 BUDS

  • 3 uses per day - 75000 BUDS

  • 4 uses per day - 100000 BUDS

  • 5 uses per day- 125000 BUDS

you can also use the command !KING upto 5 times per day delegating HP to hk

1 use per day - 10 HP

2 uses per day - 50 HP

3 uses per day - 100 HP

4 uses per day - 250 HP

5 uses per day - 500 HP

It's important to note that XP uses and staking uses are independent, so you can use either one or both.

When you use the "KING! command", you have a chance to receive one of five tokens from the Hashkings ecosystem: BUDS, EXP, FT, Avatar Packs, and SOULS. Each token has a 20% chance of being sent, and when they are sent, they are in the following quantities:

  • 50 BUDS

  • 50 EXP

  • 0.075 FT

  • 0.025 Avatar Pack

  • 0.05 SOULS

We also have a huge list of personalized support messages for you to choose from, so you can show your favorite authors some love and support without worrying about finding the perfect words.

To use the "KING! command", just write "!KING" or "!QUEEN" in the post of the author you want to reward. So what are you waiting for? Show some love to your fellow authors and spread positivity throughout the Hive community!

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