Farming Wars Expansion

Farming wars are an exciting new expansion to the HashKings ecosystem. This expansion introduces new NFTs, tokens, and rewards, and changes the current farming META to make gameplay more active.

What are Farming Wars?

Farming Wars is a new game mode built on top of the current mechanics and interactions of the farming game. It introduces three new types of NFTs and a new token called Nano Gear, which will work in a similar way as hkwater.

Farming Wars starts with the Nano Gear factories, which are NFT miners of the new token Nano Gear. Nano Gear is the only way to craft Ultra Advanced Plagues and Ultra Advanced Pesticides.

How do Plagues work?

Plagues are NFTs with different rarities, success rates, and steal production rates. Players will have access to a randomized PVP lobby, in which players will find land plots planted by other players. All land plots planted in the farming game will be visible to the farming game players and will be involved in the interaction of these players.

After crafting plagues with Nano Gears, players may infect a land plot, which can have up to three active plagues. Once a plague successfully infects a land plot, it will be attached to the seed that is growing in the land plot. Unless someone eradicates the plagues, once it is harvested, the player will get a percentage of the BUDS produced by the seed automatically. The percentage depends on the plague.

The Farming Wars will have their own leaderboard for both eradicators and plaguers to reward them beyond the interaction itself.

How do Pesticides work?

Pesticides are NFTs with different rarities and success rates that can be crafted with Nano Gears. When a land plot is infected by a plague, players will be able to use a pesticide. If the eradication is successful, the plague will die, and the seed will be free of it.

If a seed is harvested after eradicating all the plagues on it, its production will not be affected. The second option will be a randomized PVP lobby that will show players land plots of other players infected by plagues. They can use pesticides to eradicate their plagues.

The Farming Wars will have their own leaderboard for both eradicators and plaguers to reward them beyond the interaction itself.

What about Land Plot owners?

Land plot owners will have the option to choose not to participate in the farming wars. If they do choose to participate, each war action that occurs over their land plots will give them points for a rewards pool. The more land plots they enter into the war, the more rewards they will get, and the points will be based on the region of the land plot.

Nano Gear Factories

40,000 Nano Gear Factories LVL 1 will be available for sale at $1.25 each. After this initial sale, no more Nano Gear Factories will be sold, as this quantity is based on the current farming tokenomics. Each factory can be upgraded up to five times (up to level 6) for $2.5. Players can upgrade their Nano Gear Factories based on their active avatar level.

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