Getting started with Farming

Understanding the farming cycle of Non-fungible (NFT) and Fungible Tokens, a fully tokenized blockchain experience, will help you discover your perfect role within the Hashkings ecosystem.

The farming cycle begins with friend Shaggi, an avatar (NFT) that the user controls. The user will control Shaggi who utilizes a land plot (NFT) to plant a seed (NFT) and adds the required amount of HKWATER (fungible token) earned daily from owning a water tower (NFT). After waiting the specified the number of days unique to each land plot and seed the user has the ability to harvest BUDS (fungible token).

Let's take a look at the in-game NFTs below:






Below are the fungible tokens:

  • BUDS


  • MOTA

Your Hashkings experience begins with an avatar, an advanced NFT that saves experience points and contains other user profile data. Once you own an avatar, you will need a land plot and a seed of the same region, add HKWATER, which is produced by water towers and wait to harvest your BUDS. Please note that seeds are burned (destroyed) once the plot is harvested.

BUDS are a versatile and liquid token in Hashkings which can be used in various scenarios:

  • Burn them to get MOTA

  • Roll joints to get experience points for your avatar

  • Trading on HIVE ENGINE

If you choose to burn BUDS in order to receive MOTA you get the opportunity to stake them and become part of the big drop event where you will receive SEEDS. Seeds can either be sold to other players or used on your own farm.

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