Empower Your Avatars

We've been working hard to update and improve one of our initial features, the forge, and we're thrilled to introduce its new version.

With this new version, we've fixed two significant issues, making the forging of common avatars more viable and improving the overall user experience.

The new forge now allows for two defined roles, the avatar used as the forge base (left) and the avatars used as forge material (right).

And that's not all! You can now forge more than one avatar at once with the new version.


To make the forging process more rewarding, we've introduced new bonuses based on the rarity of the forge material. The bonuses are as follows:

  • Common + 5 Power

  • Rare + 10 Power

  • Epic + 25 Power

  • Legendary +75 Power

  • Mythic + 200 Power.

Moreover, the new forge version includes a bonus based on the generation of the forge base, with the older the gen, the higher the bonus. The bonuses for different generations are:

  • Gen 1: 10%

  • Gen 2: 9%

  • Gen 3: 8%

There's also a mythic bonus that functions similarly to the gen bonus, applying to the amount of power added without considering the gen bonus. The mythic bonus is 10%.

The new pricing structure is designed to make the forge more affordable for small players. The price per material forged will now depend on the rarity of the avatars, with Common at $0.05, Rare at $0.1, Epic at $0.25, Legendary at $0.5, and Mythic at $1.5.

Don't forget, we're still offering a 20% discount when using BUDS as a payment method.

Finally, the forge token will continue to be used and issued as rewards in the ecosystem and can be used in the forge as follows:

  • Common at 0.10 FT

  • Rare at 0.2 FT

  • Epic at 0.5 FT

  • Legendary at 1 FT

  • Mythic at 3 FT.

To give you a practical example, let's say you forge a common gen 1 avatar that absorbs a rare avatar. Both avatars have a power of 10.

We can't wait for you to try out the new and improved forge and see the difference for yourself. Happy forging!

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