Rewards Treasury

A non-inflationary reward mechanism

In the HK ecosystem, we have multiple games and features for users to interact with, and we strongly believe in incentivizing users for their participation.

To achieve this, we came up with a treasury system that ensures fair and sustainable rewards distribution among users. Let's dive into the details of this treasury system and how it works.

BUDS Treasury: Our primary token is BUDS, which players can deposit to get seeds. All the BUDS deposited into the seed pool each day go straight into the treasury.

As players consistently deposit BUDS to get seeds, the treasury fills up with BUDS for future rewards. This process does not mint any new tokens, which preserves the value of BUDS and ensures there's no unnecessary inflation.

The distribution of BUDS towards different games and features is subject to change, as we add new games and features to the ecosystem. Currently, the distribution of BUDS towards different games and features is as follows:

  • Raids

  • Staking rewards

  • Curation rewards

  • Krown arcade

  • Infernal Coliseum

  • LP rewards

Layered Treasuries

Let's start with an example of how our treasury works for our other tokens!


EXP Treasury: In addition to BUDS, we also have EXP tokens. Players can upgrade their avatars and participate in some features like raids to earn rewards. In order to level up your avatars avatars, users will need to use a XP SUPERCHARGE and increase their experience points.

When users buy a XP supercharge in the store with any of the tokens, except EXP tokens, the treasury gets filled with an amount of EXP tokens equal to the value of total user purchases. This happens once a week, calculating the total value of supercharges purchased by users.

The same happens with our FT and AVATAR PACKS treasuries.

Our main treasury system does not mint new tokens for the purpose of rewarding players. Instead, it distributes the tokens already present in the treasury to various games and features based on their needs. This makes our ecosystem sustainable in the long run while ensuring fair and profitable rewards distribution among our players.

And our layered treasuries are always backed with demand!

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