HP Delegation

The best curation program on Hive!

At HK we're constantly trying to build different opportunities for new and existing users to interact with our ecosystem. We have successfully built the Farming game, Raids, and Staking through which users are already interacting and earning. However, to be able to take part in any of these, a user needs to invest some money. This creates a barrier for new users, specially when the in-game assets and tokens get really expensive over time. We wanted to come up with a system where new and existing users could earn BUDS without directly investing into HK, while also not hurting HK ecosystem and its existing users.

As part of these efforts, we're excited to share with you our curation program. it's about time we tapped into the full potential of curation system on Hive blockchain.

How does it work and who can participate :

Any Hive account holder, can participate by delegating their Hive Power to @hk-curation. Users can delegate any amount towards the curation program, with a minimum being 0.01 HP.

All the delegated HP will be used by @hk-curation to curate content on the blockchain. We'll be primarily curating posts related to HK that are posted using the tag #hashkings. We'd also be curating other content created by the 1up community to support the Hive gaming community in general.

Rewards :

Rewards are distributed among users in two different ways, BUDS and curation rewards.

1. Rewards in the form of BUDS :

BUDS rewards have nothing to do with the actual curation, we have this in place to reward delegators regardless of how much we earn from curation. This system will be the fastest and easiest way for new users to interact and earn with HK.

While this is an easy way to earn BUDS, it's also crucial that we don't create any BUDS inflation in the process. This is why we don't mint any new BUDS here, we instead use the BUDS from our treasury account aka @hk-buds. More Info on how BUDS happen to be in our treasury can be read here : Treasury system

Each day our treasury account will be sending 10% of its total BUDS to @hk-curation towards the delegation rewards. @hk-curation will then reward the delegators everyday, using 2% of the total BUDS accumulated in it's account. Rewards will be calculated and distributed proportional to your HP delegation.

2. Curation rewards :

So what happens to all the curation rewards earned by @hk-curation from curating content on the blockchain? This is the fun part, we send them all to our staking account, which then uses these rewards to buy BUDS from the market and adds it to the staking pool. The manner in which the staking account executes this can be read here : Buds staking

This system gives us the ability to add a new source with which we can reward all the stakeholders with more BUDS, without creating any new inflation.

Make the most from this curation program :

While at first this system might seem a bit similar to some other curation programs on Hive, it actually isn't. One can see how our program is highly efficient in creating different avenues of income for our users. This system not only rewards users with BUDS directly, but also adds so much value to the entire ecosystem by creating more demand for BUDS.

Here are ways in which one can take full advantage of this curation program :

  • You can simply earn BUDS everyday just by delegating your HP

  • Since rewards from curation go towards the staking pool, you can earn more by staking your BUDS.

  • If you're a content creator on Hive, create any content about HK using the tag #hashkings. Your post will get curated by us and you'll earn rewards on it.

  • If you're a new user who's been on the fence about investing into this game, you can use these rewards to the buy in game assets and further get involved, and increase your earnings by interacting with all other aspects within our ecosystem.

One can see how this system creates almost a circular reward economy for all our users. This has always been our goal at HK and this is just another of example of our efforts.

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