The Real King

BUDS is the primary token for the HK ecosystem, and it connects different features of the game with one another.

It is our most liquid token, and there are several aspects within the game where BUDS are essential to interact with, and users can earn BUDS as rewards for their interaction.

One important property of BUDS is that they have an unlimited supply, but are minted only through farming. The rate of inflation will depend on the properties of landplots and seeds, and the number of plots actively being farmed on.

A Super Limited Asset

However, there is a limit on the total number of lands in the game, which means that there is a limit to how many BUDS can be minted each day. This effectively means that regardless of the increase in our user base in the future, it will not create more inflation.

To reduce the amount of emission over time, we have a emission reduction mechanism tied to the production rate of seeds. Every month the production rate of newly minted seeds is reduced, which reduces the rate of emission over time (like the bitcoin halving).

The rate of deflation for the current year is at 5% each month, and it will reduce by 1% every year for the next three years until it flattens out at 1% deflation per month every year.

Additionally, BUDS can also be burned whenever users spend them to interact with any of the aspects in our ecosystem, reducing the circulating supply a little bit.

If you hodl BUDS, there are several benefits that come along with it. For instance, using BUDS will give you a flat 20% discount on all purchases within the HK ecosystem.

Additionally, we have a BUDS staking system in place where you can earn staking rewards, including BUDS and EXP tokens.

We are continuously adding more features to the HK ecosystem that brings value to BUDS over time, making it a highly sought-after asset.

Some good reasons to hodl BUDS :

  • Discount : While you can use a variety of tokens to interact with all the features in HK, using BUDS will give you a flat 20% discount.

  • Staking : We also have BUDS staking system in place where you'll be able to earn staking rewards, including BUDS and all kind of tokens from the ecosystem with crazy APRs!

  • Kings! Command: Reward HIVE bloggers using the best command in the blockchain!

  • Karina Bot: Unlock crazy functions in our discord community!

  • Airdrops: By staking BUDS you're elegible for exclusive airdrops!

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