We already know that planting seeds and harvesting them is the only way to mint new BUDS for our economy. And given how most of our ecosystem is controlled by the users, minting new seeds is also controlled by the users. Minting new seeds means potential inflation in BUDS, so we wanted to have a system in place where the process of minting these seeds is hard or expensive to do, and should also not drastically impact the value of BUDS.
To address this issue we created a fungible token called MOTA. The sole purpose of MOTA will be to mint new seeds.

How to get MOTA :

  1. 1.
    Market : The easiest and quickest way to obtain MOTA is directly from the market. However, buying from the market can be a bit challenging sometimes, due to high prices and low liquidity due to high demand.
  2. 2.
    Pool : The other more efficient way to get MOTA is by exchanging your BUDS for MOTA by participating in the MOTA pool.
Let's look into the details of how this MOTA pool works.

MOTA pool :

MOTA pool was created so that our users have full control over how the MOTA is distributed. A total of only 1000 MOTA tokens are minted everyday, but we can't have them distributed randomly. So we have created a pool where users who wish to get these tokens will have to participate in the MOTA pool by depositing their BUDS. At the end of each day the MOTA tokens will be distributed among the participants and the pool resets to zero again for the next day.
The number of tokens you'll receive will be proportional to your share of total BUDS in the pool. These BUDS, once deposited, will be non-refundable and will be sent to the HK Treasury to fund future rewards for users. Think of this as a fair, user driven system built into the game to exchange your BUDS for MOTA.
Below is an image of how the interface looks like. You can find this in the 'lab' section on the main page.
You can check the details on how many BUDS are already in the pool by other users on the stats page

Example :

  • User A deposits 5000 BUDS
  • User B deposits 2500 BUDS
  • User C deposits 2500 BUDS
  • 1000 MOTA tokens get minted at the end of the day
Since user A has 50% of the pool share, he'll receive 500 MOTA which is 50% of minted tokens. Users B & C each have 25% share in the pool, so both of them will receive 250 MOTA tokens each.