MOTA has been an essential token in our farming game, but it has become apparent that its design had a flaw that could create an artificial monopoly in the long term. To avoid this issue and promote a fair playing field for all our players, we have decided to discontinue MOTA and go full BUDS.

However, we understand that changes like these should be made with time and respect for our players. Starting in January 2023, MOTA will no longer be issued. Instead, MOTA will be used in burning pools, which work similarly to staking. Players can choose their preferred region, burn MOTA, and receive seeds weekly.

This process will continue until most of the MOTA is burned (used), at which point BUDS will be the only way to acquire seeds.

This is a significant change that will take one year to complete, but it is necessary for the health of our ecosystem.

We believe that this update will promote a fair playing field for all our players and ensure the long-term stability of our tokenomics.

BUDS is the real deal

In the meantime, we encourage all our players to take advantage of the new seed acquisition system in our farming game, where players can directly burn their hard-earned BUDS to get the seeds they want.

This new system makes it easier for players to acquire the seeds they need and budget their BUDS accordingly.

We also want to note that even if you don't own a land plot or a water tower, you can still benefit from this new system.

By acquiring seeds at a good ratio, you can sell them to other farmers looking to expand their empires. This creates new opportunities for players to earn BUDS and make a name for themselves in the cannabis farming community.

We hope this update provides clarity on the changes to MOTA and how it will be used in our ecosystem. We remain committed to improving and evolving our tokenomics to ensure a fair and enjoyable experience for all our players.

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