Krown Arcade

The Farming Wars expansion for Hashkings has been in constant development since its start on August 28th. The base game of the expansion is built on the famous Hashkings farming game and will be released in the upcoming weeks.

Krown Arcade

The Krown Arcade will bring a collection of original and dynamic video games to HIVE. Nostalgia will be a key factor in how games will be built from now on. The Krown Arcade is part of the Farming Wars expansion and will have an important use case for the plagues and pesticides that can only be crafted with the gear tokens minted by the limited factories that are now on sale.

Plagues and Pesticides

The role of the Plagues and Pesticides NFTs will still be the same for the base game - to attack and defend land plots.

However, they will also be exchangeable for K.A.T, which are the analogues for the credits that existed in the old arcades. This means that 1 KAT = 1 PLAY CREDIT.


The only way to get KAT is by burning Plagues and Pesticides, and the amount of KAT you receive will depend on the level of the NFTs you're burning.

How Games/Rewards Work

Each arcade game will be different in all senses, and the team has designed a system in which both big and small players will have their chance to be rewarded, as it is in a real-life arcade. All in-game scores will be calculated in the same way for everyone, and rewards will be distributed through pools based on that.

Credits will give you chances to increase your score by playing more, but skill will be the judge of how much score you will get and how many rewards you'll receive. The team also plans to add chances to get random rewards in each match in the future.

Frenetic Battles

Frenetic battle is the first game within the Krown Arcade! You will face a mega plague that will challenge your speed and ability to keep the rhythm.

Play here

Crazy Fly

At the very style of the famous Flappy Bird, you are in the skin the most crazy fly in town that have to go through an endless road of obstacle while you grind points for the leaderboard.

Play here

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