Welcome To Hashkings

Hashkings, built on the Hive blockchain is an ecosystem of play to earn games and similar blockchain based experiences. Hashkings aims to become a self sustaining ecosystem, enabling our community to have access to various avenues of income generating opportunities by building multiple p2e games or other de-fi related products.

We chose to build on the Hive blockchain due to its feeless and fast nature. This has greatly benefited us in making all interactions with the blockchain, be it financial or otherwise so much better for our community.

We are proud of some the principles with which we've approached building new features for our community. We strongly believe in asset ownership, which means any in-game item that you buy or earn lives on the blockchain in the form of an NFT. We're also very big on the idea of hyper-tokenization, which means anything that can be tokenized within our games, will be tokenized giving community full control over the economy of HK. This is already evident if you've spent even minimal amount of time navigating through the ecosystem.

Understanding HK ecosystem in full, and keeping up with all the developments might seem a bit overwhelming in the beginning due to it's ever growing nature. It can also be confusing at times when we sometimes refer to HK as a game and other times as an ecosystem. These two are indeed different things, so lets break HK down in two categories, HK the game and HK the ecosystem.

Hashkings game :

HK took off with what's our first ever game, with just farming at it's core in the beginning but now has grown into so much more. We've been able to build and expand the game with different games and features such as Raids, Staking, Farming wars and more. HK implemented a treasury system that rewards the community with various different in-game tokens and NFTs for their participation.

Although HK game has a few different tokens, at the center of our economy is the BUDS token, the main currency for the game. The only way to mint new BUDS is through growing your seeds on the land plots, which are limited in number. Read all about BUDS tokenomics in depth here : BUDS

Even though Hashkings game can be perceived as one game, it has a few different games within itself that are interconnected in some form and bring value to the entire game. More features and expansions will continue to get added to this original game. Learn more about HK game and how to get started here Hashkings

Hashkings ecosystem :

The HK ecosystem is much more than just the HK game. One could describe it as a brand, we prefer ecosystem. This is where our growing team of developers and designers are committed and continue to deliver on promises of building new play to earn games and other experiences for our community.

The best part of this ecosystem is that anything new that gets built adds value to the entire ecosystem and its community. Our aim is to create synergy between all the different games and features by interconnecting their economies using our main token BUDS. This economic model not only makes our entire ecosystem grow in value but also brings more demand for BUDS.

As an example, Bang! Defense, another game under the HK ecosystem, maintains a treasury that buys BUDS from the market to reward its players. This increases the demand for BUDS outside the HK game itself. As more games get built, more value gets added to BUDS and since the entire ecosystem is interconnected, adding value to BUDS also adds value to everything and everyone that's participating in it.

It is also worth mentioning here one of the biggest benefits of an interconnected economy, which is spending BUDS throughout the HK ecosystem gives a 10% discount on all purchases of packs or any other NFTs.

Dive in-depth and check out the different games or learn more about our ecosystem here : Hashkings

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