Avatars are NFTs that have multiple use cases within the HK ecosystem. It is strongly recommended you own at least one avatar to be able to participate in all of the games and features our ecosystem has to offer. Our vision for the HK ecosystem has always included a gameplay that prominently revolves around avatars, this is already evident and will be more so as we build and add more games and features in the future.

There is no limit to how many avatars you can own in HK. The total supply of avatars is equal to the number of avatar bought by players during the sale. Every sale lasts for a certain period of time, after which similar avatars will no longer be sold by HK. Every new sale will have avatars of newer generation with lower stats, more on that below. It's a good practice to hold onto your older avatars since finding some of them will be harder as time passes. You can buy a 2nd generation avatar pack here : G2 Packs. Note that buying with BUDS will give a 20% discount on all purchases. Alternatively, you can also buy and sell your avatars on the market.

Avatar XP & level :

Like most games where you own a hero that gains XP and levels up based on the XP gained, avatars in HK are somewhat similar. Each avatar has an XP counter that can only be increased by smoking joints, your avatar levels up as you increase your XP. It is important to ensure that you have your desired avatar set as active before smoking joints. Read all about crafting and consuming joints here : XP STORE

Levelling up your Avatar comes with massive benefits, below are a few to keep in mind :

  • Upgrading buildings

  • Crafting higher level joints

  • Better referral rewards

  • Potential airdrops in our future games

A major part of rewarding players for their participation in various games will also be dependent on their avatar XP. Read about this XP based layered rewards in-depth here : Rewards

Here's a table that details the amount of XP required for levelling up your avatar through each level : XP Table

Avatar rarity & generations :

Apart from having a level and XP system, avatars also have rarities and generations which will determine the power and efficiency stats on your avatar. Older generations of avatars have better stats than the newer ones.

Efficiency has to do with the amount of XP gained while smoking a joint. Newer generation of avatars will have a reduced efficiency compared to older ones.

power stats are useful while sending your avatars for raids. Avatars in any generation come in four different rarities, common, rare, epic and legendary. The power stats for your avatars are set based on the rarity type. Read all about raids in depth here : Raids

Below are the all the details for each generation of avatars.

1st Generation Avatars :

Efficiency : 100%

Stats :



10 - 15


15 - 23


45 -72


150 - 225

2nd Generation Avatars :

Efficiency : 98%

Stats :



9.5 - 14.25


14.25 - 21.85


42.75 - 68.4


142.5 - 213.75

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