The Ultimate Guide!

Our farming game offers very deep gameplay that allows users to choose their role inside of the economy. Users can choose to be farmer, seed distributor or water baron, each of which come with their own benefits and pathways to success!

Firstly, all aspects on Hashkings are tokenized and these tokenized digital assets, whether they are fungible of non-fungible allow for true ownership of in-game items.

This feature allows provides a free market between for our players which makes it impossible to go your own way on Hashkings. In order to be successful you will constantly interact with other farmers, seed producers and water baron.


we'll explain how to play our unique farming game and create BUDS, the primary token in our ecosystem.

First, you'll need a landplot, a scarce NFT that is the foundation of your farm.

There are only 21,000 landplots in existence, divided into six regions around the world, including South America, Mexico, Afghanistan, Africa, Jamaica, and Asia.

You can either rent or purchase a landplot from the secondary market, but act fast as these assets are in high demand!

Once you have your landplot, you'll need seeds to start farming. Each week, we drop 15,000 seeds into six different pools, one for each region.

To get seeds, you need to deposit BUDS into the pool, and the dynamic ratio determines how many BUDS are required to get a seed. The drop occurs every Monday, so don't miss your chance to get your hands on some rare and valuable seeds!

Now that you have your landplot and seeds, it's time to water them to make them grow. But how do you get water in the game? That's where the water towers come in! These NFTs can't be bought directly from the game; you'll need to purchase them from other players.

Each water tower can be upgraded up to level 10, which produces more hkwater daily, and the upgrade only costs $1.25.

Once you have hkwater, you can start planting your seeds on your landplot. Each seed requires a specific amount of hkwater and has a unique sprouting time. And here's the exciting part: this is the only way to create BUDS in our ecosystem! As your crops grow, they'll produce BUDS, which you can then sell or use within the ecosystem.

BUDS Emission

But wait, there's more! As we mentioned earlier, the amount of BUDS produced by each seed decreases each month as part of our reduction in token emission.

Keep track of the new ranges here with our handy Excel spreadsheet:

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