With raids, more mechanics will be introduced to avatars and the experience system within the Hashkings ecosystem.

The first edition of avatars is inspired by a zombie theme and contains 4 rarities with the following drop rates. There's also a MYTHIC rarity but can be only obtained by using the forge.

Common 60% Rare 25% Epics 13% Legendary 2%

Each pack contains 3 avatars, you can always forge the avatars you get for an extra bonus in their stats.

Each avatar will have 4 stats that have different impacts on their gameplay:

  • XP: This stat is actually used to unlock water tower upgrades and crafting better joints which are the only way to get XP. And contributes to 50% of the FINAL POWER of your avatar. (We use a formula for this, more detailed below)

  • POWER: Depending on the rarity of your avatar, it will have designed a base power which is the other half part that will determine the FINAL POWER of your avatar for raids,

  • FINAL POWER: The real number that will be taken to calculate how many rewards you will obtain from each boss raid

  • USAGE: The number of times you can use your avatars before letting them recover from the battles.

To calculate the FINAL POWER of your avatar we use the following formula:

FP = (XP * POWER) / 100

This simply means, the more XP and the more POWER your avatar has, you will be getting more rewards. Remember POWER can't be increased unless you forge avatars, but you can always roll some joints and increase your XP.

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