Seeds are the NFT's planted on plots of land with a sole purpose of producing BUDS. This is a crucial part of the farming game, and of the entire HK ecosystem as it is one of the requirements to mint new BUDS.

Seed properties

Before we start planting, there are a few properties of seeds that need to be understood.

Region : Seeds in hashkings are region specific, you can't plant a seed from one region on a land that belongs to another. There are six different regions where plots of land are available for farming. For more info on lands read In detail about landplots.

Types : The game has sixteen different types of seeds and each belong to a specific region. But since we have only six regions, some regions can support two or more seed types while some others support only one.

Sprouting time : The number of days it takes for your seed to grow into a plant and mature for harvest. The sprouting time varies on the type of seed being planted.

HK-Water : To be able to successfully harvest BUDS, you'll need to water your plant with a fixed amount of Hk-water token. This process of watering is done once per seed after planting. The water requirement of each seed will vary on the type of seed being planted. This token can be bought directly on hive-engine or can be produced using water towers. Read in depth on water towers.

Seed death : After a planted seed matures, it will die if it's not watered within seven days. This seed won't be reusable, it'll be burned.

Production range : Is the amount of BUDS the seed will produce during harvest. BUDS produced by any type of seed falls within a range of minimum to maximum amount and not a fixed number. As an example, at the time of writing this, the production range of a 'Panama red' seed is between 223 to 270. This production range will depend mainly on the deflation cycle in which they were dropped, more on deflation below. Once the seeds are dropped, or you have it in your inventory, or while browsing through the market, you will be able to check the exact amount of production.

It is important to note that seeds can only be planted and harvested once, and only one seed can be planted on a plot of land at a time. It is not possible to undo the planting process once a seed has been placed on the plot, and upon harvest the planted seed gets burned.

Below is a sheet with the details on what seeds belong to what region, the time required for harvest, and the water requirements.

Deflation rate

Seeds being a core part of the farming game, cannot have a fixed supply. But since this is also the only way to mint BUDS, it has some potential to cause loss of value for BUDS over time. So to keep the inflation in check and ensure BUDS don't lose value, we do have a deflation system in place.

Every new seed dropped will be subject to a fixed monthly deflation rate, which means that every new seed will produce less and less BUDS every moth. Currently the deflation rate is set to 5% per month for 2022. Next year it will be 4% per month and continue to reduce by 1% every year effectively flattening out at 1% deflation per month every year. In short, older seeds have a better production range than newer ones. Note that deflation only effects the production of newly dropped seeds in the current month and does not change anything on your older seeds.

You can change the exact range here:

With this system you can calculate the maximum amount of BUDS that can potentially be produced in a certain period of time in future. It is important to remember that regardless of the number of seeds dropped or in circulation, there are only a limited number of lands. So ultimately landowners get to decide if they want to plant these seeds. There is also a burning mechanism that keeps inflation in check, read more about it in BUDS.

Acquiring seeds / Seed drops

Now that we know all there is know about seeds, let's see how and where to get these from.

The easiest and quickest way to get seeds is to buy them from other players directly off the market. There is also a 20% chance of getting a new seed during harvest, specific to the region in which you're harvesting.

The other way is through the weekly drop!

There players can directly burn their hard-earned BUDS to get the seeds they want, and this occurs every monday end (00:00 UTC)

This new system makes it easier for players to acquire the seeds they need and budget their BUDS accordingly.

We also want to note that even if you don't own a land plot or a water tower, you can still benefit from this new system.

Basically 15000 seeds are dropped and distributed in 6 pools each week (one for each region). You deposit BUDS and based on your deposit vs the global deposit of other players you will get a share of the weekly drop.

Easy example!

There are 100 seeds to be dropped in the southamerica pool

  • Player A deposit 500 BUDS

  • Player B deposit 500 BUDS

Each will get 50 seeds (cause each has 50% of the deposit BUDS)

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