Farming Wars Elements

Nano Gear Factories are the newest addition to the Hashkings ecosystem. Similar to water towers, this new NFT will have a limited supply of 40,000 factories, with no plans to sell more unless a new expansion of land plots is launched.

These NFTs will drop the new GEAR token on a daily basis, much like water towers drop HKWATER.

LVL and Upgrades

There are different levels of Nano Gear Factories, ranging from Level 1 to Level 6. There will be 40,000 LVL 1 Nano Gear Factories sold at a price of $1.25, with a 10% discount when using BUDS as a payment method. Each factory can be upgraded up to five times, and each upgrade costs $2.50, which can also be paid using BUDS. The GEAR production is the number of tokens received daily by holding the factory in your wallet and is used in the crafting of plagues and pesticides.

Burning of BUDS

As part of the Hashkings philosophy, all BUDS used in the purchase of Nano Gear Factories will be burned.

Ultra Advanced Pesticides

These NFTs can only be crafted using GEAR and have six different types of plagues that can be crafted based on the level of the player's HK avatar. The higher the level, the better plagues the player can craft. The ultimate goal of plagues is to successfully infect the land plots of other Farming Wars players, survive, and be harvested along with the BUDS to take part of the production back to the plaguer player.

Points and Rewards

For each successful plague, the user will earn points in a daily pool that rewards the activity in the game. The pool rewards activity in plaguing, eradicating, and offering land plots as battlefields. The plagues have provisional names, but we will use a generic "plague x" in this chart. The gear cost is the number of GEAR required to craft each plague. There is no limit to how many plagues a player can craft.

The success rate is how much the player's chances are to plague successfully a land plot once a plague is sent to it. The steal rate is how much of the total BUDS will be stolen from the land plot plagued and is only true if the plant is harvested while the plague is alive (not eradicated). Finally, we have the LVL required, which is the required level of XP in the HK avatar to craft better plagues. Remember, only three plagues can be plaguing a land plot at the same time.

Ultra Advanced Pesticides: Eradication

These NFTs can only be crafted using GEAR, and there are six different kinds of pesticides that can be crafted based on the level of the player's HK avatar. The higher the level, the better pesticides the player can craft.

The pesticide's ultimate goal is to eradicate plagues. A player that decides to be an eradicator will use pesticides in their own land plots to defend them from plagues and in other players' land plots to eradicate other plagues and earn more points in the daily pool of BUDS. The more successful eradications a player does, the better their performance in the pool will be.

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